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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Happy Fall!
My Favorite Season of the Year

Hello everyone,
            My newest design, the "Norfolk Diligence" sampler, will be released in mid-October, so I thought I would give you a preview before I take it to the framer.  I've always loved Norfolk samplers and was drawn to a particular antique I found on the Antique Samplers site.  That sampler is the Mary Taylor sampler, stitched in 1734.  It is a little different than the more common Norfolk style as it is a band sampler, but I loved the border so much I thought I would design something based on the antique.  I hope you like my modern inspiration of the original.
It contains several specialty stitches, but nothing too difficult.  As usual, I stitched mine with Belle Soie, but will have a conversion to NPI and DMC with the chart.  If you are interested in purchasing the chart, contact your favorite needlework shop and they can pre-order it for you.   Here is a picture of the antique that inspired my design:
Have a wonderful fall!
                                                                                                               Yours in friendship and stitches,

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hello fellow stitchers,
            We’ve had a small taste of fall for a few days here in Delaware and I am so looking forward to when the crisp cool air and fall foliage are here for real. Autumn is my favorite season of the year!
            We are getting close to the finish line for this SAL and I hope you’ve been able to keep up. I’ve received several email regarding the color of the stamens on the honeysuckles so I am attaching a color picture of that portion of the chart. I am also attaching a color picture of the chart containing the pineapple. It is stitched with Belle Soie's Cinnamon Stick (dark eyelet) and Butterscotch (light eyelet).

This month we are moving on to the right side of the house where we will begin stitching the fence, trees, and birds, as well as the butterfly. (See diagram 1)

Diagram 1

You will also stitch the next 3 layers of grass (under the grass portion you stitched last month). Follow the same directions for the fence and cardinals as you did last month for the left hand side of the sampler.
            Although you do not have to finish the entire thing, this month I’d also like you to start stitching the verse. It is stitched over one thread using NPI 993 (black). I find it easier to stitch over one when I use a hoop. It is easier to see the linen threads, especially on 40 ct. linen.
            As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at 
Yours in friendship and stitches,