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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hello again,
Donna, one of the participants in the 2013 SAL, pointed out to me that on the chart I had referenced NPI 298 twice on the floss chart.  This will help solve the confusion (I hope ;-)  I had originally used a few of Vikki Clayton's Hand Dyed Fibers' silks when I stitched my sampler. Since Vikki is going out of the silk floss business, I did not want future stitcher's of the sampler to not be able to find that floss, so I did a complete conversion to NPI for all the floss used in the design. In the conversion, the closest color to Belle Soie "Collard Greens" was NPI 298. You will need 3 skeins of 298 if you don't use Collard Greens. If you do use Collard Greens, you will need 2 skeins of Collard Greens and 1 skein of 298.
On another note, I just want to thank everyone for the wonderful response to my designs and, especially, my first publication "A Maryland Inspiration".  I spent a wonderful day yesterday in Ocean City, MD at the Salty Yarns and, as always, enjoyed my time chatting and laughing with Sally and friends from the DVHSG.  Sally and Sarah host a retreat for our guild 2 times a year and it is always something I look forward to.  Sally has supported and encouraged me in my designing endeavors for a number of years now and I know she is happy that I finally made the step to publish my designs.  She's the BEST!
Yours in stitches,

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