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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Needlework Casket to beat all Caskets!

I am so addicted to needlework sets and needlework caskets.  I found this one on line and, as the caption states, it is the mother of all needlework caskets.

I must admit, this design is a little/lot out of my league -- I'm still working on the Mary Beale casket!  But, I do, as I said, love a needlework casket.  So, I found someone to make a primitive miniature blanket chest and am presently working on the design that will go inside.  I'll post pictures when it is complete, but here is a picture of the blanket chest.
It has a lift out tray inside which will have a design embroidered for it.  The smalls are almost complete.  I can't wait to finish it and post the pictures.  I think you will really like the design.

Yours in stitches,



  1. Forget the casket, it's you I'm glad to see! I'm delighted you've started a blog and will check back often. As for you being a fledgling designer, all I've got to say about that is hogwash.

  2. Gorgeous casket! I see from the sidebar you have stitched Celtic too!

  3. Hey MaryLou,

    As I said, I am a little slow on the uptake where this blogging thing is concerned.LOL

    Yes, I've been away for a while but have been keeping busy. I'm finally ready to test my designing wings. Wish me luck.

    and ...

    Hi mj, yes, I stitched the Celtic Banner a long time ago and gave it to my daughter as a housewarming gift when she and her family moved to their new home. I enjoyed stitching it and the design is still one of my favorites.

  4. HI Theresa,
    I think your blog is beautiful. I met you at the Berks County Sampler Symposium in PA. I loved your bullion knots!


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