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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Purchase of the Regal Bee


Yes, The Regal Bee is available for purchase.  I have it charted, with stitching instructions and resources for the shaker box.  I did assemble and finish this design myself but, since I am not a professional finisher, I did not include finishing instructions with the chart.  If you would like, I can recommend some finishers.  Actually, all of you could probably recommend some to me!

The chart can be sent in two ways:
PDF File -- which you will print yourself for $15.00
Hard Copy -- which will be sent to your address for $20.00 plus postage.  I can accept Paypal, personal check or money order.  Please contact me directly at my email address -- to let me know if you are interested.

BTW, OESLUVR stands for Old English Sheepdog Lover  Here is a picture of my beloved, but now deceased, Chauncey -- he was such a clown -- sniffing the daffodils!

Yours in stitches,



  1. Hi, Theresa--I came here from Siobhan's blog, and I love your designs! I'd love to purchase A Maryland Inspiration! Your work is lovely, and I'm glad Siobhan helped us discover you!

  2. Hi Theresa, I, too, am here from Siobhan's blog and I thank her for pointing out your blog! I love Regal Bee and Belsnickle's Victorian Christmas and would like to purchase both of these designs. Please let me know how to purchase them! Thank you - I have become a follower and can't wait to get home and really look at your blog.

  3. I can't believe I had to find out from Siobhan's blog - half way around the world! - about your blog.....I become a follower instantly. Welcome to the (addicting) world of blogging. You page is just as beautiful as you! Your work and your designs are fabulous as always. Robin Thompson DVHSG
    PS If it is OK with you, I will post a link to you site from my blog.

  4. Any friend of Siobhan's is a friend of mine! I had read on her blog to come over and visit you and boy, I'm glad I did!! We share a love for samplers...I love your work!! I live just south of you in North Carolina!!

    Keep up the great work, Faye

  5. Hi! I clicked over from Robin's blog...your designs look great! But I have to say, I'm much more taken with Chauncey!! He's absolutely beautiful! I've been in love with Old English Sheepdogs since I was a little kid...I've never met one in real life, we've always had German Shepherds. I saw a picture of a Sheepdog once and fell in love!!